Chapbook Publication

My latest chapbook, The Mourners Forget Which Funeral They’re At, has just been released by Greying Ghost Press! The Mourners… is a long poem in sections, which was a new format for me. I wrote the majority of it while I was living in China in the wake of my divorce. It’s a weird book to revisit now as I’m in such a different emotional landscape, but I’m glad this dark, weird little animal has breath. You can purchase a copy here.


New Work!

Kyle Marler of Flatsitter, an AV artist collective which specializes in virtual environments, was kind enough to solicit a poem from me for his P/P/E series in response to our current crisis. Please check it out! I’ll include the full text of the poem below:


The world has become
contagious with us.
The parade passing on Queen St.
paused, still. The confetti
now litter. Our president broadcasts
from his snowglobe to assert:
we will never run out of masks.
Poor pharaohs, we
wrap ourselves in toilet paper;
our servants wear surgical gloves
in this new afterlife
where everything’s remade
more imaginary
and more real.


All Black Lawrence Titles Now 50% Off!


My press, Black Lawrence, is offering 50% off all of their books! Including…cough…mine. But there are some many other great authors with books on this press, including fellow Midwesterner Ruth WilliamsFlatlands. And, if you order now, I will honor my original book promotion from 2018. Purchase a copy, and post a picture of your favorite poem to Facebook, tag me, and I’ll happily post a video of me reading the poem for you!

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